a visual rabbit hole

I can't believe it's been over a year since I've updated. I started blogging since I was 12. I've switched around many different sites since then... but now I'm back and it feels right! If you're still out there and reading, drop me a line! 

To kick off this new year's blog, I'll share my most recent visit to New York Botanic Garden Orchid Show. 


New York

Botanic Garden

Orchid Show

I am always amazed at how many varieties of orchids there are and how unique each one is from another; sizes, shapes, colors, and spots! Orchids are found in tropical forest areas and they thrive on humidity and dappled sunlight. I can't blame them, tropical weather agrees with my sinuses and my skin. At least I can hide out with them here for a brief moment for some relief. It felt like the longest. winter. ever. Finally, Spring is here!! 


Although the artist, Daniel Ost used plastic tubing as one of his key features to replicate vines in the forest, I really liked this enormous bamboo structure. Bamboo is incredibly strong and resilient and has that beautiful green color that camouflages perfectly and makes all of the orchids pop. 


I must have taken over 10 pictures of this orchid. It reminds me of a beautiful flying insect. 


Reflections from a pool.


Ode to Georgia O'keeffe's paintings. 

If you are in New York, the show runs from now until April 22.