Blizzard on the houseboat

Humans and animals alike braced ourselves for Blizzard Jona. Stocked up on food, water, and emergency supplies, we holed ourselves up for a couple of days. 

When living on a houseboat, you hear and feel the wind gusts... especially the sustaining wind gusts that make you feel like one of the little pigs in the 3 Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf story. It was terrifying and exhilarating and maybe even a little foolish. But isn't that what adventure is about?

The next morning, everything was covered in white. It was as if we woke up in another world - the colors in this world were all muted with the gray overcast. 

Jack, dressed in his winter gear went for his morning walk. He ran around like a lunatic and it was a hilarious sight. He returned with clumps of snow stuck to his fur but he was so deliriously happy it was worth it. 

Even Bella, the cat cautiously went out on the back of the boat to check out the scene in her own winter coat. 

Finally, the sun broke out in the afternoon.