Boat Weekends

This summer I am spending time between my apartment and a houseboat in Sheepshead Bay. 

Living on a houseboat is actually not unlike living like a studio apartment in Manhattan. The quarters are just as small but the amenities are the same - like tiny kitchens (or kitchenettes) and bathrooms. But the best thing is having the whole top deck outdoor space.

The boat being in the location that it is, it feels pretty isolated and sometimes it doesn't feel like we are in civilization amongst others.

Our boat comes with a kayak so we've been doing small loops in Jamaica Bay. There is a ton of wildlife including all different types of birds and sea creatures. 

There's a family of swans and ducks that make their way around the boat routinely at the same time everyday. It's pretty adorable and it's like living in a National Geographic show. 

It's actually the perfect space to hold our Eco-Urban meetings, holding experiments and plotting world domination. ;)