The Castello Plan, Brooklyn NY






I discovered The Castello Plan with Jessica last year. Whenever anyone hears "Brooklyn," they associate Brooklyn with Williamsburg. But there are many other parts of Brooklyn that are unexplored like Ditmas Park.

Now, I know my hood doesn't have a whole lot going on but I like that. Ditmas Park is mini suburbia with Victorian homes upon Victorian homes. It's dreamy, it's quiet and really feels like "home". Everyone who comes to visit says they don't feel like they're in New York. Walking around never gets old no matter what time of the year. Oh, also there are a ton of stray kitties and I gush at the sight of every single one of them.

The Castello Plan is a cute rustic restaurant off Cortelyou Road. It has a nice intimate setting and it's even more cozy at night with the candles lit. When we were there at night, I didn't notice how pretty the upholstering for the chairs were but I really appreciated seeing them in the daylight. Ahhh, the details. :) They even have a little outdoor space, perfect for summer nights.

Jess and I shared the charcuterie plate with wine. I am such a sucker for cured meats. I have to go back for all you can eat mussel night on Mondays and their signature cocktails!