Self Investment

For the past couple of months I feel like I've been living in my own head a lot.
But maybe putting it in text will help me organize what is real and what's in my head.

I decided to spend the entire summer to build my portfolio - interiors, still life, and food. I've met with multiple prop stylists and food stylists & chefs to make it happen. I had been very tunnel vision in that aspect. Planning, shooting, editing, repeat. 

I didn't really have a social life. I probably went out with friends 5 times more or less in 2 months, not that I went out a lot to begin with... it was more the fact that I didn't want to go out and I really wanted to work on my images. 

When not working on my images I was lucky enough to model for a few awesome jobs as well as steal lighting techniques from set.

My garden continues to produce happiness for me and I've acquired a lot of new indoor plants, mainly succulents (I want to collect ALL of them). I'm already planning for next Spring and collecting seeds from my outdoor plants! But I'm actually really excited for autumn and forcing bulbs indoors which I haven't done before. 

I'm trying to do yoga twice a week now starting this week. There's this great app on iPhone called "All-in Yoga" and it does the trick. Even just 15 minutes a day is nice. 

Last but not least - I finally added a new section of "Still Life" to my portfolio. I am so thankful to have met two amazing prop stylists to make these beautiful images. 

Styling // Lindsey McCord 

I leave you with one of my favorite images from shooting the past month with Lindsey. She did an amazing job with the colors and textures and even made the hammock!