Miami recap

So obsessed with this building. 

Drank this overtly expensive drink and was drunk the entire day. Worth it.

This restaurant had orchids on their walls. So beautiful!

I called myself "Ursula" the whole weekend.

I was on a boat.

And then got really scared, tried to sit down on the floor but boat sped up and I busted my ass.

This dog was the biggest HAM ever. He knew he was cute and he was WERKIN dat camera. 

Great Danes always excite me. I always have to fight the urge to sit on them. Found this lady at the Antique Fair on Lincoln Road on Sunday.  

I swam in a sea of homosexuals as there was a festival for Gays and Lesbians on the beach that weekend. Later that night went to a gay club and got my freak on. 

Turning 24 ain't so bad.