San Juan, Puerto Rico


fort water

banyan tree


4 days in Puerto Rico was just the perfect medicine to cure my wanderlust tendencies. 
During my trip there I've realized a few things about traveling which is - always travel with people who have the same idea of what traveling and exploring should be, are spontaneous and open minded.

Our hotel was located on the beach and we had a partial beach view from our room. The weather was a  warm high 80-90 degrees with occasional light showers, I even got a chance to see a double rainbow!

We took a 40 minute bus ride from our hotel to Old San Juan for 75 cents. That is the cheapest I've ever paid for a bus, it's unheard of. A cab ride would've cost $20 and a 10 minute ride but considering we weren't in a rush anyway, we took the bus. It is also a good way to see the city.

In Old San Juan there are free buses and trollies that take you around. We went to El Morro and admired the design of the fort and the incredible views. There were 2 forts, $5 per person for both places and $3 per person for just 1. Unfortunately we went to Old San Juan on a Sunday and didn't fully think it through that some stores would be closed. We arrived around 11am (which is considered early as a lot of shops open around 12-1), explored El Morro and walked around and we saw more and more street vendors.
A lot of the stuff for sale at the street vendors were too touristy for me and I don't like getting things that are super cheesey. I did get a couple boxes of matches and a map!


Punto De Vista in Old San Juan had a good atmosphere about it. The servers were nice and the service was fast (we've realized that the service could be REALLY slow in some places, we are just too used to the New York speed, I guess). The skirt steak and fish tacos were delicious. Their tacos are actually wraps, but they call them tacos. Also - best of all is they have buy 1 get 1 mojitos EVERY DAY. You can't lose with that.

There was also a vendor along the beach by our hotel called Ocean View BBQ. The owner of the vendor Paul, was a fellow Brooklynite that had moved to Puerto Rico and been living there for a long time. He had a really cute yorkie dog that liked to chase the birds away. It was precious!
The burgers were all the rage, the meat was very tender and soft and nothing like any other burger I've ever tasted. My favorite was the chicken sandwich with their homemade sauce.

We also went on a tour to El Yunque Rainforest. The hike was an easy one, 30 minutes up and 30 minutes down. We saw a bunch of vegetation and our bus driver Roberto was really helpful in explaining things about Puerto Rico and about the rainforest. I'd rate this tour a 4/10 just because there wasn't a whole lot to see. There was an area with a waterfall which you can jump in and swim but other than that, the trip was not very exciting.

All in all, the trip was a good one. We came, we saw, we conquered.

I am now peeling like a snake and trying to get back into work mode. ;)