on the way

oh deer

On Sunday I had the pleasure of going to Natirar with my friend Peter where we sang super queer songs and gasped at everything that came on the speakers out of sheer excitement.  We were headed someplace magical, as you can see from the photos. Sometimes I forget that you drive 40 minutes out of NYC and experience the wonderfulness that is nature.  I saw deer for the first time ever and freaked the f out.

Natirar is a GORGEOUS restaurant that sits on 90 acres of land... but who's counting? With 90 acres of land, Natirar has their own farm growing their own vegetables and the food comes directly from the garden to your plate (how many places do you dine at can do that?)!

Peter and I had what they called "Bring Me Food," which is a 5 course meal with wine pairings with each dish (optional). There is a list of ingredients that you choose what you like or don't like and they serve you dishes according to your personal preference. I didn't really take too many photos of the food because I crammed it into my face almost as soon as it came out. We had a bunch of different things that if I described it, it wouldn't do the food justice, so I won't. We were a guest of the pastry chef's (Peter's cousin) so they spoiled us with 2 extra courses, which made it a total of 7. We lost count by dish number 4 and were STUFFED. However, I highly suggest it! It was delicious and a lot of fun - the element of surprise is so refreshing when dining out. Plus, having dinner at a beautiful historical estate and nature all around you, it can't really get better than that.

A few instagram photos along the way...